What graphics card should i get?

I got a new PC but there are intergrated graphics instead off a graphic card that really sucks so i want to get a new Graphics card.
Im not experienced at all in the part of graphics cards so my question is what graphics card do i need to get.
In the Pricerange between 70 and 100 pounds.

My system Specs:
Processor: i5-2310 Sandy Bridge quad core up to 3.3 ghz
Motherboard: Intel H61 express chipset
Graphics: Intel HD2000
Memory: 8GB
And a powersupply off 500W
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  1. Generally, it needs to be known what you will be using your system for. Are you a serious gamer? CAD designer, etc.?
  2. I want to be able to watch 3D movies because i have a 3D monitor.
    Also i would like to be able to play games like battlefield 3 but a lower graphic setting in the game wil not be a problem for me.
  3. Agree with the previous poster, then. The Radeon 7770 would be a nice balance between performance and price.
  4. Okay thanks for the quick help!!
  5. you're welcome.
  6. At a 100 Pound budget, about 110$, I would say you have a few choices..

    ATI Radeon 7770

    Nvidia GTX 460 (great for BF3!)

    Nvidia GTX 550 (alittle less powerfull than the 460)

    Nvidia GTX 560 (assuming you get a good deal online)

    These all support 3D
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