This Power Supply is making me worry

A while ago I ordered my parts to be picked up at a local computer retailer (NCIX) and upon looking closer at the Power Supplies specs, its says this under Miscellaneous:

" Compatibility:
Intel CPUs:

Core i5
Core i7 "

The reason this makes me worry is because I have decided to go with an AMD FX-6100 processor for my build. I've been wondering if this PSU just down right wont work with my system at all because it doesn't say anything about AMD? Thanks for your time.
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  1. It's just like monitors "for apple" it's just marketing. I'd worry more about the brand and if it can really supply the power written on the label ;)
  2. Don't worry about that, it's some sort of branding. Any quality power supply will work on your system.
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