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Weird Problem with Internet Connection upon Installation of Cable

Last response: in Networking
August 31, 2011 3:59:15 AM

Hi there,

The cable guy came out today and hooked up cable Internet whereas before I had been using DSL with AT&T. He hooked up a cable modem and then ran the connection wire to my old modem through which two lines came out for two computers.

Now, I decided not to use my old modem but only want to hook up one computer (the installer said I would have slower Internet speeds because I was using two modems, the new modem for the cable and my old modem, which, again, he hooked up so I could run Internet on two computers).

But when I unhooked the line running from the new cable modem to my old modem and hooked it directly into my primary computer, I do not have Internet access. When I hook the same line back into my old modem and run that line into my primary computer I DO have Internet access.

Doesn't that seem weird? Why don't I have Internet access when I hook up the new cable modem line directly into my primary computer?

Thanks for your help.

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August 31, 2011 12:55:22 PM

It does, and are you sure you are hooking up the correct cord from the old modem?

It should be as simple as this, you unhook both modems and start clean. Take the modem you want to use, plug it in of course, take the coaxial cable that they ran and hook it to that modem. Then hook a ethernet (CAT5) cable from the modem to the PC. If the modem happens to have more than one ethernet port make sure you are hooking the CAT5 cable up to the correct one as one would be the "IN" while the other/others would be the "out".

And you could still hook up the second PC with a wireless modem and a wireless card if you wanted. But any way you look at if if two of you are using the PC's at the same time online then yes it would be slower than if you are just using the one.

Believe it or not sometimes these "professional" cable guys are not all that great. I just had a new service hooked up at my house (Time Warner Roadrunner Extreme). They would not let people hook the new modem up themselves even if you yelled at them telling them you could handle it (because they wanted their extra $60). So the guy comes out and hooks up the new equipment. Now previously they just gave you a modem (like you have). Which means for my laptop and game systems i needed to buy and hook up a wireless router. Now the new modem they were hooking up was a modem/router combo, so that you would have wireless in the house without needing a separate router. So after he is done his stuff i go look at how he set it up and just shook my head and laughed. He installed the new equipment, and did it by keeping my old wireless router attached. So i had to go back behind him, unhook the old router, and just hook everything into the new equipment.
Only reason i can think that he might do that is because all of my current stuff had the security settings of the old router, which means just going through the new router would mean i would have to reconfigure all my stuff with new security settings (which is what i did anyway). No reason to have two wireless routers running into one another, same reason that you don't need two modems. If you wanted two PC's wired up you would use a modem and a router (wired or wireless, your choice).
September 1, 2011 5:38:22 AM

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September 1, 2011 5:38:28 AM

Thank you, Stelmy, for your reply. You were right. It was just a matter of turning off then turning on again the modem. The only thing was that I wasn't waiting long enough before turning my computer back on.

Great job!

September 1, 2011 2:13:52 PM

No problem, glad you got it sorted out. I had a similar issue with a wireless adapter when i got my new cable. I put in the security and tried everything and couldn't get the laptop to connect. One thing i didn't try was rebooting it :pt1cable:  and once i did biongo, it worked.