3.4Ghz i7 workig at 3.78Ghz?

So my Dell XPS 8500 just came yesterday and im not gonna lie, I've been working it pretty hard, transferring all my data while downloading loads of programs that I am now missing , ay the point of theis screen cap the computer has been on for 17 hours and is in the middle of downloading 3 steam games simultaneously.
The RAM usage hasn't gone over 4.2Gb (out of 8Gb)

This is an ive bridge i7 3770 (NOT "K" !!)

Yet the windows 8 task manager, even though it clearly says "3.40Ghz ; and maximum speed: 3.40Ghz) is telling me that it is working at 3.78Ghx, is this correct of even possible ? - I thought that there was no turbo boost in the "K" versions.


link to pic - http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/9053/80852328.jpg
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  1. Yes, turbo boost is a basic feature of all Ivy Bridge CPUs. The reason it is running faster is because of turbo boost.
  2. ^+1

    The K version have an unlocked multiplier which allow you to raise this turbo even higher.
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