Aircooling gtx 690??????????

I'm getting a ultimatm gaming system (overkill) anyway I'm getting either 1 690 or 2 in sli, Depending on the monitors. Anyway I need to go watercooling obviously but my case can only fit a dual loop, 1 cpu 2 gpu I need 1 cpu 4gpu!!! Btw my case is the Nzxt Phantom Full Tower Case. I know it's not good for watercooling but I was told I could mod the case, (like this the one with the white paint job btw by fitting all of the extra rads into the bottom modded part of the case. But then, yes always a problem pops up, I start thinking all the bad things about watercooling and that the mod might be too hard.

So I was thinking what if I could go aircooling instead, I know it sounds ridiculous but I was just thinking since it's more easier to maintain and if something goes wrong it won't be fatal to my system, whereas in a watercooled system hardware doesn't like to get wet. But I know it's a crazy idea for a system like that since it will probably melt in a few seconds but I was just thinking. Anyway I had a look at a phantom and it says it can only have 7 fans but I had a look and it can actually encompass 10 fan give or take 1. But that will take away the use of the drive-bays. But with the drive-bays being used it could handle 8/9 fans so this is what I came up with;

4 x 120mm 1 x 140mm 3 x200(195) mm fans so what temps would I be getting with this with 1 OR 2 690's running maxing out everything and with a ultimate enb.
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  1. 1 690 maybe 2 no way You would have to mod the case. Ithink you could water cool w/o modding put the radiator on the top of the case and you are good to go :P
  2. what's with all the question marks? You only need to use one.
  3. You don't need watercooling for 2 690s:

    This generation doesn't run that hot.
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