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We have DSL modem hooked up to office network. We have recently cancelled the plan for modem and have got wireless broadband modem. We wish to connect this to our network via router (Wired not wireless). how do we do this?
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  1. Not sure i am understanding this. If your new modem is a wireless modem, why would you even need the router? The router is usually only used because most modems you get are not wireless.

    I just got new service that came with a wireless modem (router & modem in one for a cable internet connection). Once i had that i unhooked the Router that i used when i had just a modem (which needed the router or i would have no wireless) and used the new equipment as my wireless point.
  2. Hi,

    I have a pocket wifi which i want to connect to networked computers via LAN. Non of the computers have wireless card or adapter. We are looking for a device to which we can connect the pocket wifi and connect LAN so all computers can use internet.
    hope my situation is more clearer?
  3. I am hoping that by pocket Wi-Fi you mean a mobile hotspot-one sending an internet signal that you want the other computers to use.

    Really the best way would be to get wireless cards (or they type that plug in USB) for each computer. You will need something that is able to pick up the wireless signal from your pocket Wi-Fi in order to get them connected to the internet.

    If you bought a router it would need to be hooked up to the pocket Wi-Fi. Then you would either have to run CAT5 cables (ethernet cables) to each computer and hard wire them to the router. Or each computer would have to have a wireless card.
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