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What should i Priority CPU OR GPU?


I wondering about this cpu or gpu upgrade I want to play mid-high end games. what should i prioritized more? i search it on google and someone said gpu first then somebody said cpu first i really confuse please help me.

screen resolution : 1366 x 768 (18.5" monitor)

my choices is based on my limited budget.

1st choice :

Pentium g850 + ATI hd 7770.

Or this cpu and gpu :

i3-2012 + ATI HD 6670.

im running in this MOBO : Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2

What do you think the best cpu and gpu for me that can play smooth and no lag on medium to high settings in modern games please choose in my choices. although i will upgrade soon i think 1-2 years i will replace it. but for now give me a good advice.

UPDATE : i will play mostly on this games :

Hitman Absolution
Far cry 3
Black ops 2
Sleeping Dogs
Saint's Row 3
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    Go with the 850/ 7770 combo, it is going to give you a better gaming experience.
  2. I would agree but you resolution is so low the i3 may be better, also the card is easier to upgrade later if you get a better monitor.
  3. Thanks. I'm so tempted to choose G850 + HD 7770 because im planning to upgrade my cpu 1-2 years from now to i5 quadcore or even to an i7 because it will be cheaper in the next 2 years. then im gonna crossfire my video card it will be cheap upgrade. i will upgrade my monitor as well.
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