Cant pick between 7870 non refrence

hi i am in the market for 7870 for my pc. i am upgrading from a xfx 6870. i have been looking around and i cant pick what card is best i have looked at the his hawk and ice also asus version and xfx's but i cant make up my mind up. i want it to be around the price of £270 and i would like to overclock it. and also i just wanted to ask will a pcie 3.0 card work perfectly fine and at its best performance from my pcie 2.0 mobo i have been told before that is the cpu is slightly overclocked (than the factory) it should be fine but i my lose like 1-2 fps . if you have anymore Q's please dont hesitate to ask.

crosshair iv
amd 1090t oc to 3.72
6870 XFX
8gb ripjaws X at 1600mhz
corsair 850 watt psu
1tb wd blue
haf 912 plus case
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  1. I would go with either Asus Direct CU or MSI Hawk.
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