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I have an ASUS All in One, 27 inch computer that I am tryind to hook up a second monitor to via VGA. It seems that the computer is not recognizing the monitor or the VGA port is off. Here is what I have done to no avail:

1. Checked the connections - all good
2. Opened screen resolution - it shows 2nd monitor

3. Checked Device Manager - only shows one monitor

4. BIOS - Can't find a place to enable/disable VGA port (not sure what to look for)

Nothing seems to be making a difference...Any help would be appreciated. My computer info below:

Asus All In One Model: ET2410
Windows 7 Home Premium Edition
Intel HD Graphics Card 2000

*Trying to hook up a HP Pavilion f1703 Monitor

Thanks for any help you can give,
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  1. under screen resolution it showed the 2nd monitor but did you see the multiple display option? check to see if that is set to "display desktop only on x"
  2. On the ET2410, I believe the VGA connector is Video IN (so you can use it as a monitor, not feed a 2nd monitor).

    One of the HDMI connectors is Video Out, so you may have success there (I haven't tried it yet).

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