i have recently installed a new cpu coller but when my pc is on it says that the cpu fan is at 0 rpm but it is still spinning, so i disabled q fan this stopped that message, one downside of this is that the fan is running at its highest setting so it is quite loud, how would i be able to adjust my fan without it saying that its not moving.
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  1. Did you plug the fan into the cpu fan header? Is it a 3 pin fan? Maybe the fan's sensors are not working right, can you return the fan for replacement?
  2. The exact make and model of your cooler and mobo would have been very helpful.
  3. It is a ARCTIC FREEZER 7 PRO REV.2 and it has a 4 pin connection. When i turn it to silent mode on fan xpert the rpm drops down then the message pops up again 0rpm but yet it is still spinning.
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