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Is xfx nvidia gt 520 2gb ddr3 is compatible?


I'm planning to buy xfx nvidia gt 520 2gb ddr3 for my pc.

my specifications are:

motherboard:intel dg45id

processor:intel core 2 quad 8300 2.5GHz.

ram:2gb ddr2

does it compatible with the above specifications.If compatible,what will be performance with high end graphics(for example battlefield 3 e.t.c ).

please help me.
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    Compatible, yes. Good, no. I would recommend at least a 550 Ti or Radeon 7770. Even those two aren't that great, but they would be MUCH better than a GT 520.
  2. Thank you very much bro.
  3. Yea it works but GT 520s are pathetic video cards. You could get an older GTX 460 for pretty cheap now. $120 after mail in rebate, and quite decent considering they were $200 something when they were new:
  4. what is your budget? may be we can suggest you a better card?
  5. I bought gt 520 cause I have no additional money
  6. Should have saved up.
  7. Yes it is compatible ...... No problem !
  8. Thank u everyone
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  11. thank you everyone.thanks alot
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