first of all, i'm dutch so my english may not be 100% accurate :)

i am planning to get a EVGA GeForce GTX 480 1.5 gb
i think my processor ( pentium dual core e6700 3.2 ghrz) will bottleneck the performance of this great card :/
soooo, do you know if this will happen and do you have any advice about this pls reply :)
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  1. Even at overclock level it will bottleneck.
  2. you're fine unless you play a cpu intensive game such as skyrim or metro 2033.
  3. fawg i wanted to play skyrim >:(
  4. you'll be bottleneck at all.
  5. stefanos72 said:
    fawg i wanted to play skyrim >:(

    expect the performance of the PIIx2
  6. ok thanks for the fast replys but according to your answers i will just build a new pc :)
  7. That's good.
  8. if you get a i5-2400 it won't bottleneck it might not even bottleneck with a i3 2120 though i am unsure of that
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