Upgrade to a decent GPU

Hi there,

I'm wondering what would be a good GPU upgrade for this computer

1) so I don't have to upgrade the psu
2) no crossfire or sli
3) just want a little boost nothing hardcore

here is the specs on the computer that I will want to upgrade


thanks for the help!!
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  1. OK, your budget please?
  2. sorry my budget doesn't matter
  3. Then HD 6670 is better.
  4. ok cool thanks for your input
  5. One thing to think about is most cards today are large and carry up two slots. Make sure you have enough room for whatever card you choose. I say this because a lot of prebuilt systems are made in a way so you cannot upgrade them. My Dell e510 barely squeezed a small 9600GT and I wanted a GTX 260.
  6. yeah i checked out my comp too lol very small space
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