New Motherboard for older AM2+/AM2 Model

I am not sure if the current AM3+/AM3 mobos would be able to support an older AM2+/AM2 CPU but basically I am wanting to buy a new motherboard because my current one just died.

My Spec:
CPU: AMD Athlon x2 5000+
RAM: ddr2 800 6gb
Graphic Card: PCI-E 2.0 Interface

I need a motherboard that will be able to run my CPU/RAM.
It would be cool if it could run my GPU also, but if not, as long as it has a on-board Graphic Card, that is also acceptable.

I am hoping to spend Maximum of $50 - $60 on the motherboard.

Anyone have any suggestion at all ?
I will be ordering parts soon so any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. nobody knows ? :/
  2. I've set up a home theater PC using this board with a Sempron single core processor and 2gb (2x1gb) DDR2 800 ram. The board has only two slots for ram, so I'd guess you couldn't have your full 6gb. The board is working well, and OC'd the processor to 3.3ghz to prevent video skipping. Also using a Sapphire HD6670 video card with it.
  3. AM3 mobos would be able to support an older AM2+ CPU go for it if you have an am2+ cpu
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