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I just upgraded my laptop (acer 5942) CPU from an i3-330M to an i7-820QM but i can not get turbo boost to work.

I downloaded the turbo boost monitor but it says that intel turbo boost technology must be enabled for the application to run.

There is no option in the BIOS to enable turbo boost either! :-(

Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Is there a bios update for that model?
  2. got the latest bios installed :-s
  3. Did you install the turbo boost drivers?
    its almost to the bottom of the page...
  4. i tried that, but i get an error message saying "this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"

    Everything else works fine though with the CPU at the stock 1.7GHz (even ran the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool and it said everything was fine!)

    Also tried the latest ones from the intel site but they dont work either!

    Any ideas why the drivers do not work?
  5. Your board and bios probably do not support that feature on that processor.
  6. they should do because there was a version of the same laptop with that processor (which is why i got it)
  7. Have you tried Acer support?
  8. yep, they are useless!

    is there a program i can download to manually overclock in windows?
  9. bump? :bounce: :(
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