How can i get GT430 to work with my system?

Hi ive recently bought myself the EVGA GT430 video card and tried to run it on my system but it wont detect it, the fan spins up but thats it.

Here is a link to my system

I have upgraded my RAM to 3.5GB, running two dvd drives and two HDDs but i have also tried running only the HDD that has windows installed but still no luck. I know my power supply falls slightly short of the 22A on 12V rail (mine being 19A on 12V rail) but i contacted EVGA and they said that my PSU meets minimum spec, I have also sent my video card back to the shop it came from and they confirmed that the card is working fine.

So what could I be doing wrong and yes I know I should upgrade my PSU but that is last resort but would take any suggestions on a suitable PSU.
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  1. start with the simple stuff..make sure you have the newest mb chipset drivers from nvidia. if the mb chipset drivers are old the pci bus may not work right. with the card installed..go into the bios and see if there a bios setting to turn off the onboard video or to change the video video device. if there is change it to boot from pci-e slot first. save and exit and move the cable from onboard video port to the new video card. if you dont get any video..if your using an vga to hdmi adaptore...the adaptore could be causing an you have a white dvi cable or monitor that has hdmi input so that you can remove the adaptore or someone that has another one to see if the one you have went bad. if it not the adaptore then it could be an issue with the mb chipset and the video card. this is when your local computer shop if there a great set of people..if they have some other low power cards (210/620/5000-7000 cards from amd.) that they try another type and brand and see if your pc post with it. if see mb chipset where some brands of video cards would not post and others would. as the mb has onboard nvidia video try a 8800 card first...if it works then try a 500 or 610 card. if they wont post you may be limited to 8800/210 do to the chipset of the mb.
  2. Oh yes i forgot about what i done with the onboard video... I have tried disabling it, making pci-e the first boot, uninstalling the onboard but it just reinstalls itself i have also tried the hdmi and vga outputs. I have updated the BIOs from 3.00 to 3.10 (2006) only one i could find and used nvideas automatic updater but still no joy. So if it is just a case of my PSU not being powerful enough what would be a suitable low end PSU to buy?
    great little 430w unit. that or any good 500w unit from new egg or your local computer company.
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