MSI TC-128 PCI Slot Bracket Problem [w/ Pics]

Hi, guys.

So I've been working on this build for quite some time now but can't seem to figure out how this PCI slot bracket works. Most cases I've seen have some sort of mechanism for removing individual slot brackets, but this MSI TC-128 case doesn't seem to have one. Here's what it looks like:

So what am I supposed to do? The brackets are connected to the case by small little tabs, so am I supposed to just rip them off? My Radeon 7850 is a 2-slot card so even if I did rip them off the case, there'd still be a bar in the way between the two slots.
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  1. i had to work with that case once and it was the worst experience. i just hammered them out.
  2. Yes twist and twist until the little metal retaining things snap off and the slot cover comes out. Repeat for the other slot. Don't worrk about the 'Bar" between the slots; thats supposed to be there.
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