Making first DIY. HDD and OS salvaging Q's

Hey guys,

So I'm making my first DIY gaming build. Starting off with a 3570k on a BIOSTAR TZ77XE3 inside a NZXT Phantom 410. GPU, RAM, and PSU upgrades will come later.

My current PC is an emachine from 2006.

I will be taking my PSU, HDD, and RAM from that machine for sure.

However, will I be able to easily transfer the HDD and it's OS (32 bit Vista) to my new system easily as long as I install the appropriate drivers for the new mobo?

Will Microsoft untie the license to my old machine and let me add it to the new one if I ask nicely? Become a pirate or use linux until I can get a new license? Will I have to do a wipe of previous driver data before the transfer?

I foresee lots of complications with the HDD transfer when my parts arrive on the 30th and want to prepare ahead of time if possible so I can get into GW2 asap.

Thanks for any help and heads up!
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    You will not be able to carry over a power supply and RAM from eMachines. The problem with pre built systems is that for the most part they use a lot of proprietary form factors that make upgrading difficult or near impossible. That RAM will be way too old to work on modern Z77 systems.

    The reason being is that the RAM will be too slow and the voltages won't match. Modern RAM isn't that expensive though. The PSU most likely won't fit into that Phantom 410, nor will it have the proper power and voltage connectors, so you will have to purchase a new one.

    That Windows license is married to the motherboard - you will not be able to use it on a new machine legally. You can reuse the disc but you will most likely have to purchase a new activation code.

    As far as the HDD transfer that's easy - just do a quick format in Windows install when Windows prompts you for it. That's the least difficult part of that process.
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