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I have a 4 year old computer, but with some new parts. Some time ago I started having problems starting it up, but when I took out the power cord and replaced it and then turned it on in the back, follwed by the front it would start. This worked for a few months but now when I do this it just blinks, once, at the front but it doesnt start. To get it to blink again I have to take out the power cord and do the process again, but as before it just blinks and dont start. I sent in the power pack but the firm I bought the PC from said it works fine. Anyone have an idea what could be wrong?
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  1. check all you connector on the motherboard one could be not seated in correctly and i would also try another psu if this is a pc but for the laptop it could be the internal power connector on the mothreboard that is causing this .
  2. Let's start with the basics here, what make and model computer? I'm assuming all in one or small form factor. What parts did you add?
  3. There is a fairly large company in Sweden that makes their own computers, they also sell all kinds of other diffrerent electronic equipment, like tv, earphones, hard drives etc. I can give you the different parts but not a make of desktop. I/they changed among other things the motherboard
  4. did you try to start up directly on the board with a little flat screw driver to made momentary contact to the pins that the power switch goes to and unplug the front power switch to do this ,take care to not short anything else .
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