whats a decent scanner?

I'm looking into a scanner that is in the range from free to maybe $150. Depends on my cash flow. I would be intersted in HP scanners. Epsons i'm not sure about or canon kind iffy about them. I do know Hp's make good scanners. I'd like to have one that has firewire support maybe but definitly usb. If anyone knows anything about a good scanner they have used or know of one i would greatly appreciate it!

Basicly i would be using it to scan in notes and HW's so something that has an excellent program bundle to read hand writing and convert it to text.


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  1. I have an EPSON 1240U SCANNER. It is a great scanner.
  2. I realize you sayed $150 but lexmarks X83 is very nice and is under $200. Its a multifunction printer but the scanning quality is pretty darn good. I printed something out and then stuck the printout right back up into the scanner, mae a scan and printed it. It looked just as good as the orginal printout. Works just like a copier to. Very nice for the price.
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