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hi there, a few days ago i received my new cpu cooler, it was the antec cooler freezer 7, i installed it exactly how the instructions said, as soon as my pc booted to windows i decided to run core temp to find out the improvement, to my surprise the temps had got worse! anyway it was only by a few Degree's and the fan was much quieter so it didnt really bother me to much. I decided to play a game of LoL and during my game my pc restarted, i had no idea why it would do that so i decided to just turn it back on. i loaded back up LoL and then it happened again, realizing it happened everytime a program was loaded that slightly stressed my cpu it would switch off, so i decided to have a look at the temps the processor reached while in LoL which i might add can be ran off a single core with built in graphics, the processor manged to hit a high of 90 degrees before switching off, and i know that's absolutely deadly temps for a processor, anyway i put the stock cooler back on and the problem seemed to disappear, unfortunately by the time i booted to windows i started smelling a sort of burning aroma, i immediately turned the pc off and opened the case to try and identify the issue, however i had no luck thus why i am here, whenever i boot the pc now i have a black screen (no display) and i cannot hear the processor, fans spin and the graphics card sounds fine, im sure its either the mobo or the processor and im hoping everyone here can help me identify that,
pc specs:
8gb 1333 ram
AMD FX-8120
GTX 650
700W psu
Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 Mobo

any comments i know will be helpful in saving me some money so i dont have to buy a new mobo and processor and possibly ram to identify this will be amazing

thanks in advance
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  1. Just a quick question before my answer, did you apply TIM to the cpu before attaching the new cooler?

    Now to your question:

    AMD processors release and oil that turns solid and brown around the die if they are heat damaged, but that can be nearly impossible to see. I have used this guide in the past. try it as best as you can:
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