AMD HDMI Output not plugged in

Hello forum

i am a proud owner of an Asus ati HD 6950 and a toshiba regza DTV.

Currently im using a DVI to HDMI cable to connect my graphic card with my TV which is my primary monitor.
the DVI port goes to my PC and HDMI to my DTV.

so my problem is that i want to transfer the sound to my DTV via the hdmi cable. i have done it before with an older ati card
but since i upgraded to this one i can not anymore.

in the playback devides i see the AMD HDMI output and it is enables but it says not plugged in, thus i can not select is as a default audio device

i have tried the digial audio HDMI as default but no result. i cant get the sound coming off my DTV's speakers.

is there a way to fix this? im sure tha the cable can transfer sound because i have used it in the past as well. so it is hardwares problem or drivers problem?

im using Catalyst Version 12.6 at the moment.

thanks a lot for your time and thank you in advance for any reply.

Cheers \,,/
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  1. Try the other DVI port on the card.
  2. Sunius said:
    Try the other DVI port on the card.

    tried that already and no results :(
  3. could it be my cable? im using this one CTI AWM 20276 30V E81280-D Ching TAI HDMI Cable

    i read somewhere the new hdmi cables 1.3 and 1.4 can support sound.
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