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I halfwittingly decided to re-install windows xp on my computer, half-way through the installation I realized I did not have the correct discs. How do I cancel this installation? I've tried F3 on the installation screen, F8 brings up a seemingly useless boot menu, and safe-mode will not work due to the lack of an OS installed. I have windows 7 discs at the ready if this makes your task and simpler.
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  1. If the installation already started, let alone formatted the drive, install 7 from your disk on restart.
  2. As in, put the disk in and attempt to boot from disk or whichever it's called?
  3. Turn off the computer, put the Windows 7 disk in and start it up again. If it has trouble go into bios and set the dvd drive as the boot drive.
  4. Done. It simply continued and took me to the setup screen once again.
  5. Mind you, it is in the middle of installing XP, it asks me to insert the WinXPSP2 disk, and since I cannot, it sits at that screen until I reboot. The screen looks like...
  6. Hold the power button in for about 10-12 seconds for a forced shutdown.
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