Is my hardware bottlenecking??

My system seemed far more than sufficient for wow on max graphics and recording however it would appear not.

i5-2500k 4.5ghz
Gtx 560 ti
8gb G.skill
500gb WD black 7200 rpm for games and os. (drive is split and using the 32kb allocation unit size for a bit more speed for games and apps.)
640gb WD black 5k rpm for data storage (fraps movies are sent to this drive. Also, 64kb allocation unit size.)
full HD monitor (also, second monitor for browsing.)

Okay, basically i recorded with Fraps about 40 minutes of me floating and flying switching characters to see how'd it play out. I view the video and it's showing it only recorded 15fps and it's laggy as !@#$. However, While recording my game and the fraps counter showed 30 fps and i did not lag at all.
My cpu was 50-60% mostly only one core ran about 80-100%
my gpu was 75% usage full video ram usage.

Sooo what is going on here? is fraps that terribly coded for recording?
is my computer bottle necking somewhere I'm not seeing?
my computer has power should be able to handle this. But it seems that it is not.
Anyone that has experience here please offer advice as to what the problem could be. I'll be attempting a few things myself. But, would like this to be solved asap :)

Secondly, Editing. I can edit a video from a-z to make it pretty damn sweet I've got Adobe CS6 master collection. I've made and done many videos and such. However, I'll be making a very large sum of videos with this. So, I just need to know 2 things. Can youtube apply the text block? to block people from seeing the chat box and friends RL names? The giant black box pretty much I see in videos.

Lastly, Any other tips and or advice you can offer to improve performance and make the videos nicer for youtube is greatly appreciated. (:

Edit: something i forgot to add. I've never really done raw video compression. I am curious as to a few things in this category. First off Should i edit the video then compress it? or compress then edit. I don't want to waste 40 minutes uploading one video to youtube i live in country internet isn't very good. So, that brings me to assume if i should edit before compressing i have to do it on my computer. Whatever can retain highest quality as far as this goes is what i prefer, of course also reducing size enough to making uploading less painful.
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  1. When ever I build my computers I just see how much money I spent on my CPU and buy a GPU close to that price. Vice versa. Check how much money you spent on your computer.
  2. ^Very unhelpful. Anyways, yeah with the amount of power you're pushing you'd think WoW would run well over 60FPS. What resolution are you running? Are you using anti-aliasing? Try playing without Fraps and see how things feel. Apparently Ctrl + R will show you your FPS in WoW (I don't play, a quick Google search pulled that up).

    So the #1 thing to try would be to run without Fraps and check your frame rate using the mentioned command.
  3. ??? don't think that covers my issue. Although according to what I'm reading on some other sites Fraps is Cpu heavy. I've got a pretty damn powerful cpu and it won't record full without video lag. It'll record half flawless but looks too shitty for my taste.
    Nonetheless, I haven't the money to waste on another gtx. If anything later I'll buy a GTX 660 ti. But, I don't think it'll help really at all if cpu is my trouble. Yet, not many cpus will really give that much of a boost at this point. I mean I'd be stuck dropping well over another 500$ on a cpu alone for a real boost at all. But, this also brought me to assume it could possibly be my HDD it's not a new one not 6gb/s and it's among the average ones.
    Anyways, What is the most likely cause to this? fraps data going to it's own HDD. my gpu not running 100% ever. my cpu is likely the only culprit -.-
  4. does fraps even support full hd? dropping my res seemed to solve multiple issues...
  5. Got lazy when reading your post, assumed you just wanted the performance issue fixed. Apologies. Fraps has ridiculous overhead, and is very well known for serious performance hits.

    Go through this and see if it helps
  6. I actually did figure out a few issues with fraps on my own as well as my current issue with recording at full. the video is simply too large to be played Until after i encode it. I'm using adobe media encoder which works very well. I just wish it was a little faster. I've got a pretty powerful proc especially considering it's overclocked. Nonetheless, finding these issues with fraps makes me less than interested in using it. I'm very curious if there's a better screen recording software out there. that may not be such large files, better support for HD etc etc.
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