No active mini displayport to hdmi?

So I checked the amd website before I decided to post. Seems there are no active mini displayport to hdmi adapters validated for eyefinity. Has anyone ever used the mini displayport to displayport adapter that comes with a card w/ a display to hdmi cable and gotten a display to work?
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  1. i myself no. but it has been discussed here using something like:
  2. I've just decided to get a vga one, my monitors have vga and hdmi. I am going to use the one hdmi out from the card for my tv. thanks anyways
  3. This one "StarTech MDP2HDS" ( is around 45 €. One "mini display port to hdmi ACTIVE adapters" is a must for 3 monitors in an AMD Graphis Card. Guys, do you know of other models?
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