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hello everybody, i am new here and new to the whole custom pc scene, i have an issue hopefully someone can help me with, ok here goes

basically i got my pc a couple weeks back built from a store and the spec is as follows:
MotherBoard - ASUS M5A 78L-M LX V2
CPU - AMD FX(tm)-4100 QUAD-CORE 3.60ghz
RAM - 2 X PATRIOT 4GB 1333MHZ PC3-10600

now i bought gta iv, i love the customizable options and looks really kool, so i installed it all and started playing and it was totally un playable, it was very very laggy and poor, i put all the settings to low and changed resolution and still was laggy but slightly better, would i be correct in saying this graphics card isnt good for the job at all?, or maybe i need to set it up?

if i was to upgrade to this would it be a case of plug and play (install drivers etc)

Asus NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550Ti 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card PCI Express2.0 900MHz HDMI

im not looking to play this on extreme high quality settings etc, just to be able to play it pretty smooth on average settings without it being very laggy, sorry for my lack of pc hardware knowledge, i get the impression that you cant just stick any old graphics card in so i thought i would try here for some advice

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  1. GTAIV is a extremely demanding and poorly optimized game. That would explain why your 210 is struggling to run it properly.

    As for the GTX550tTi, it would be a huge upgrade over your 210. And yes, you can plug and play it. Just turn off your PC, remove the old card, stick the new one in, and then grab the appropriate drivers from Nvida, reboot(if needed) and you're done.

    Just a note though, make sure your PSU has enough wattage for a card like the 550Ti.
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