Debating on which video card to get, $120 budget

any suggestions towards a new video card, appreciate it,
debating between a 7770 or a 550 or 560,
$120-$140 budget

running i5 2500k
550 watt corsair power
3 120mm fans
ocz sdd
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  1. whats the best company to go with, I was narrowing my choices to EVGA, Asus or MSI
  2. EVGA usually has the best warranty.
    ASUS and MSI usually have the best coolers.

    I think I would go with EVGA.
  3. can you elaborate as to what the step up is, interested. and ive found that the evga 550 geforce is about 100, good for the money?
  4. eh i put 560 by accident, but i ended up getting a evga 550 ti super clocked, for about 130 with taxes
  5. would i have to pay for the extra warranty?
  6. I belive this is Great card check it out

    Recomendation pls.
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