Radeon HD Sapphire 7970 Reference Card Video Hardware Error

Hello Community,

I purchased a Radeon HD Sapphire 7970 Reference Card and my system has no difficulty playing games and runs great if used after boot or restart. However, after returning to my computer after hours of idle time I click or move my mouse and my system appears to wake, but I am left at a black screen as my monitor does not detect a video connection. Sometimes my keyboard is froze (caps, scroll lock lights do not switch on/off), sometimes it does not. Sometimes I can just click my reset button to reboot my computer. Sometimes reset does not work and I must hold the power button to shutdown my computer and repress to boot. I noticed that windows has a bunch of Video Hard Error Reports.

I have seen online that this can happen due to hibernation, sleep. I do not think I have my power profile set to sleep or hibernate. Have a ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3. I have a 2500K and a 120GB Mushkin SSD and 2 HDDs attached.

Please advise,
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  1. Well you better check you power managment setting then
  2. Go into control panel and power management and change it to not let your PC go to sleep
  3. My current power options does not have sleep active and hibernation is disabled.
  4. I have a same or similar problem.

    It happens when i have the "Turn off the display" set to any amount of minutes. When the monitor screen turns off and then when i try to wake it up the monitor doesn't want to turn on. I also have the sleep mode and hibernation disabled. It also happens when i run 3D Mark Vantage when it finishes the benchmark it only has the black screen on the monitor at the end.

    What i do to get it to work is disconnect and reconnect the hdmi or dvi connector from the video card only after i do that it comes back to desktop screen.

    My setup is Asus Rampage Extreme IV with 3960X, Corsair 240gb ssd, with two Sapphire HD 7970 and 27' Hanns G monitor.

    We both have Sapphire brand...

    I thought that this was a driver problem at first but after 6-7 driver updates i still have the same problem.

    I also have 3 Sapphire HD6950 and i dont have that problem.

    What monitor do you have??
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