I need help getting ATI Drivers

I recently purchased the Acer Aspire AS5560G-7809 that comes with AMD Radeon HD 7670M. My display drivers is out of date and I want to download the latest drivers but there is a problem. The amd site which provides the drivers only lets you download the auto detect program for the notebook. It will not detect my graphics card because it is a switchable graphics card. The site for the product Acer does not have the latest drivers for which i have checked already. So here is my question.

Do any of you guys know a site which provides all the display drivers?
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  1. Thx for the reply ill check it out
  2. Your laptop has hybrid graphics so you should use the drivers provided by Acer and not AMD
  3. You could also try this page from amd. It has manual selection on the left side and auto detect and others on the right hand side. http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx
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