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Hello all..
Well here is the thing. 3 or 4 years ago I baught a prebuilt et1331g system the 05w I think it was. last year in frusteration playing even Civilisation 5 I went out and what I thoought was reserch and got a 2.6 AMD proccesor and a gt 520 video card for it and thought it a 1/2 decent machine.
Though it is not total junk it obviosly does not run 1/2 the newer games out there with decant settings. So instead of trying to upgrade it any more I thought maybe it would be best to start a fresh system starting with a new tower mother board and CPU, in a sence downgrading the new with ol parts from my prebuilt machine like the hard drive (only 650 gig and mid range for speed with a 5.9 windows index) and what ever other parts needed to use to stay in budget. I will be replacing the parts from the 4 year onld machine with parts from my secondary computer (running on 6-7 years old lol)

So now what I am hopping to get from here is Ideas on what to start out with. I dont care so much for looks its all about performance for gamming. with a 1000$ budget. I sighned up here because I was looking at the 8 core AMD procc and decided that was not looking like a great choice witch is a shame as it is so affordable.

I see all over people posting $1000 gamming rig $700 gaming rig even $500 and I read a lot into what was being said there but the main thing I remember is the term in all them needing to sacrafice this for that. By working backwards I am hopping with the same budget I can build up a great gamming rig and upgrade the old parts over the next couple years to keep it competitive to the games comming out?

oh things to know I guess.. I get my games onling from Steam if thats makes a diferance it seams to me that it calls for a little more umph than store baught of same title. and I would rather not get into overclocking if at all possable..
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  1. It seems to me that all you need is a bit of a GPU upgrade. Perhaps a GTX 660Ti or something along those lines? Might need a little more info on what CPU PSU you have in your system.
  2. The CPU is a AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual core proc 4800+
    PSU is the rather bad Nvidia GeForce GT 520 witch I would guess is the minimum card for DX11.. The frustration comes when playing not so simple games.. Stalker (all them), LA Noir, Two Worlds 2 and the like, I did find by adjusting my windows settings to all performance no lucuries they run a little better but still verry low FPS.
  3. Sorry I am a little computer lingo ignorant thing the PSU is Powersupply? its a stock 450W ..
    I spent the day looking and came up with my initial purchas to be::

    FX 8150 Black Edition 3.6GHz Eight-Core Socket AM3+ Boxed Processor
    970 Extreme4 AM3+ ATX 217430 motherboard 239.98 bundle deal from

    GV-N670C-2GD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2048MB GDDR5 PCIe 3.0 x16 Video Card Video Card 429.00

    950 Watt Silencer MK II ATX Power Supply 129.99

    EVO Mid Tower ATX Computer Case With 4 pre-installed 120mm fans 39.99

    Vengeance Series 8GB DDR3-1866 (PC3-15000) CL9 Dual Channel Desktop Memory Kit (Two 4GB Memory Modules) 67.00

    to start out with thinking would last me years with plenty of time to catch up the old parts.. but came here to read up on the proccecor and found it not to be good for gamming at all so thought Ide get advice from more literate people.

    after seeing the card in action and looking for troublshoots it was here I came and found the bad with my gt 520 after all the great reviews from various other sights I read about it before buying it so did not want tomake that mistake again.

    and the card is not trash IMO just definatly not a gamming card. though oddly it gives it a windows ratting hgh for gamming and low for windows grafix
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    Well I can tell you that a lot of people dog the FX CPU's but I have the FX-8120 and could not be happier. It is the best CPU I have had bar none. I upgraded from a AMD Phenom II 1090t and in all respects the FX-8120 was very good upgrade. I am able to play every game 1080p ultra/high with no problems. I have all the games you listed in your post on Steam plus about 300 more including Skyrim The Witcher 2. It really comes down to personal preference really but with the money I saved by going AMD I was able to put that money into other aspects of my rig. Had I gone intel I would not have been able to get every thing I wanted including 3 Asus 27" led/lcd monitors.
  5. really? nice!.. I have que the game listing myself about 450gigs worth but can not play 1/2 them with this computer as is. I only listed them few thinking they not hard core games that some people with better computers even get hickups on..

    Thank you much.. I do think I will give it a day or two in hops of more opinions just as a safe guard lol.. 1000 bucks is a lot of money for me and would not know what to do if was not happy with the end result :)..

    And yea the cost is definatly what pulled me to it also.. dont think I could get a sutable Intell set up and still get the Video card
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