CPU Overheating (100+ C)

I have an a-10 5800k with stock cooler. I know the cooler is horrible as is, but it can't be that bad where I get 100+ degrees Celsius. I have a midtower case and 2 fans (push/pull). When turning on the compter and idling, I get right now 60-80 Degrees Celsius. I'm very scared, I get BSOD sometimes and display crashes. I actually have two of these computers side by side, one I built for me, and one for my brother. Same results. Could it be the settings? I turned off the AMD throttling so now it's 3.8 Ghz. Please help me, thanks.
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  1. you probably didnt put thermal gel on the cpu
  2. It was pre applied.
  3. ur cpu fan might not be working then make sure its spining
  4. Yep; it's spinning alright.
  5. outcast61 said:
    Yep; it's spinning alright.

    well then
    unless u didnt mount the cpu cooler properly then it seems u have a faulty cpu. it happens trust me
  6. Did you remove the plastic film over the thermal compound before you mounted it? I did that one time and temps were very bad.
  7. I believe so; i'll check again. It can't be a faulty CPU because I have two of the same PC's with the same problem.

    EDIT: None, rules out the plastic part.
  8. touch the heatsink with your hands, if its hot, then the cooler is mounted correctly, if its warmish then you probably dont have propper contact with the CPU. @ 100 degrees celsius your fingers should be fried :D (i doubdt that the cooler is mounted correctly :))
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