Need serious help, Random freezing?

Hey guys, been having trouble with this on and off for a couple months now. I used to stream on twitch a lot, and play a lot of WoW/LoL but started having a problem where I'd lock up, and have to hard reset my PC. I thought it was a problem with Xsplit (the program I used to stream) but I would still randomly get these lockups when playing a game. So PLEASE if anyone can offer me some insight as to what to check, that'd be great, heres some info:

i5 2500k at stock ghz, with a corsair h60
Radeon hd 6870 (XFX) 1gb (HD-687A-ZHFC)
Toughpower xt 650
Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3
G Skill Ripjaw (2x4gb)
Asus wireless card
Dual monitor

Here's what happens:
-Complete screen lock up (No BSOD or black screen) just locks up how it was at the time
-Mouse/keyboard unresponsive, mouse lights go out
-sound seizures/loops
-have to hard reset

It froze up tonight while i was raiding (and not streaming), then I wanted to recreate it and see if temps were the problem, which it doesnt look like they are.
Some temps when it froze about an hour ago (Was streaming.):
Mobo: 41, 43, 39
CPU: 45, 48,46,49
GPU: 56

I have the latest BIOS, the newest drivers for my 6870. Sometimes when I have to hard reset, when I reboot and get back in, the computer will not recognize any wireless internets. To fix it, I have to turn off the PC, pull the wireless card, and put it back in, and then it will be fine.
I ran memtest86 with no problems overnight a few months ago but I'll try it again tomorrow

I really need this to be working correctly come MoP, but I have no idea where to go from here.
Checked event logs after, Had one that was just an error 6008 (Previous system shutdown was unexpected. And then one after that was "Critical" event 41, task category 63, just stating the system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first and that it could be caused if the system stopped responding, etc.
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  1. I had simliar issues but it was my SSD which finally died and was unrecognized by my comp. Possibly your RAM is going bad/is bad. I have the same ram too with I5-2400. Try your RAM in different slots if possible see if that does anything. Possible your comp has a virus tough to say.
  2. I'll swap them to the other channels when I get home today. I've ran HDD test and memtest86 with no problems a coupole weeks back. I run AVG on a regular basis so I doubt it's a virus.
  3. First thing I tried was running Prime95 as the system stands currently. Ran it on Blend for four tests... Didn't go well at all, in fact it lasted a whole 4 minutes before the same thing occurred. Temps were fine, CPU didnt go over 53 degrees.
    Froze at test 5 or 6 on each worker.
    Log from the prime note:


    Is this to say that it is almost definitely the RAM? I'm going to swap the channels the sticks are in and run it again to see if this makes a difference.
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    let us know how the swap went but im banking on RAM is bad/overloaded. Also try just 1 stick, gonna take some time but good way to save money figuring out the issue
  5. Swapping the channels didn't make a difference, froze at the same place on Prime95...

    Tried running memtest and:

    I'm going to assume it's the RAM at this point in time. I left memtest run while I went to classes, came back, and it must have froze literally right after I left. Memtest was frozen at a little over 2hrs, but no errors found.

    Pretty sure that's the only thing it could be if that's the only thing being tested, right?
  6. dont forget to update your BIOS

    why would you say memtest froze by the way?

    also when i updated my bios i also had the same problem as you just try it before you go buying new parts
  7. My BIOS are the most recent version, and I said it froze, because, well, it did. It completely locked up during the Memtest.

    I pulled one of the sticks and ran Prime on it, and it went through the whole test flawlessly, so It might just be the one stick that is bad, I am going to run memtest on just that stick and see if its good, then do the same on the other one by itself.
  8. you should also try changing the slots/busses so instead of the the blue ones(one your using[just saying]) use the white for both
  9. Yeah I tried switching the bus' sockets and it still froze up during Prime95.

    SO, first stick by itself passed Prime fine, and went through 3 passes of memtest with no errors.

    Second stick couldn't pass a Prime test, it would just restart my system when it got to test 5/6. Happened twice in a row. So I ran memtest and it passed a few passes with no errors. I'm thinking this was the problem stick though...

    Going to just use the one stick for my raid tonight and see if I have any problems

    Also, is it possible that the RAM was overheating??? It was pretty damn hot when I pulled the one out to test the other
  10. I dont think that ram can over heat :/ or if it can it is very rare so just RMA the ram
  11. Don't know if I can, I built this PC in october of last year, so its been a while. Either way, my raid tonight went really well, no freezing/lockups, so hopefully I don't jinx it when I say I think it was the one faulty ram stick
  12. i knew the one stick test would work haha you got a faulty stick, and it happens. RAM overheats if its shorting out so your stick is bad. I would contact the manufacture becuase alot have a 3year warrenty. Good luck mate! might be time to upgrade to a new ram kit? haha if not see if they can RMA you and get ya back to full strenght.
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