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Best 7850/7870 video card manufacturer?

I was recently looking forward to buying an AMD 7850/7870. I know that there have been a few threads posted about this, but I never seemed to be able to take any thorough information from them. I won't be doing a lot of overclocking, and I'll probably stay at reference or stock clocks of the card until a new ultra-demanding game pops into the market. Many people recommend the Sapphire and HIS cards, but I really have no experience with the company (people also don't seem the recommend the XFX cards, why?) One thing I also want to be considered is the warranty. Thanks!
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    generally in the modern computer parts market, you don't need a life-time warranty, especially without some type of "step up" upgrade program (EVGA has it, XFX doesn't). I'd much rather have a part perform better and throw it out 3 years later when the warranty expires, than have a lower performing card with a life-time warranty (it won't be in my machine in 2-3 years...). this is the reason why people generally recommend Sapphire. MSI is in the same category. Sapphire and MSI are by the the two best companies to buy AMD cards from. HIS on the other hand has some unique cooler designs and can make a great card and sell it for an amazing price. in my mind, HIS is #2 to Sapphire/MSI.

    what's great about sapphire and MSI? their coolers, currently the dual/vapor-x or the twinfrozer series (respectively) are top of the class. now while you say you won't be overclocking much, it is still better to have a cooler card. the card will run more stable, and will be less likely to break. and I'd much rather have that over XFX's warranty. between Sapphire/MSI, I usually just go with whichever is cheaper etc.
  2. I have been building PCs for 10 + years and warranties on graphic cards has never been a selling point for me. Lifetime or Double life time warranties sound impressive but what are the odds you are going to be using the same card for that long? If you are gaming enthusiast odds are you are going to have the desire to upgrade every 3 - 4 years. As long as you get a card built by a quality manufacture with an aftermarket cooling solution your card is going to last you a long time.

    My personal preference are the Asus cards with the Direct CU or better yet Direct CUII cooling solutions. There quality is top notch.

    Their Super Alloy Power Manufacturing technology uses a special alloy formula which is highly-magnetic, heat-resistant and anti-corrosive to deliver a 15% performance boost, 35℃ cooler operation and 2.5 times longer lifespan.

    Plus their Direct CU coolers are super quiet. Mine is virtually silent. That is very important to me when gaming.

    Regardless of which card you go with I would recommend the 7850 over the 7870 as it has more bang for the buck plus it is highly overclockable.
  3. yes but the direct CUII cards do sell for a premium over sapphire or MSI. though the main reason I forgot about ASUS is due to my own 7970... ASUS screwed up with their 3 slot cooler there. but yes, for the 7850/7870, they're solid
  4. So I guess it's really down to Sapphire, Asus and HIS... I think I'll be looking at the little details and prices since these manufacturers have a close competition. Also, do you think that the 7870 is worth the ~$70-100 price increase?
  5. EVGA usually pull some of the best video card...
  6. However, EVGA only manufactures Nvidia cards. :S
  7. For me HIS, they are cheap around here and their cooling quite effective...

    7870 and 7850 is in different levels... (I'm still confuse why amd round them together in 78XX series and give them large price gap)
  8. the 7850 is a SOLID card for ~$230 or so. it's really sitting pretty in the mid-range and can go head to head with any card in that range and do it consuming less power.

    the 7870 is more for high-end gaming and chases the heels of the 7950 (as a matter in fact, the MSI's high-end 7870 hawk is the same price as MSI's 7950 twinfrozer on new egg).

    the price difference is well worth it. it's a matter of which use are you?
  9. Well I'm probably going to stick with the card definitely for more than two or three years. I'm currently playing BF3, and I'm getting around 60-80 FPS on 1024p meds-highs, so I really just wanted to kick it up a knotch and prepare for some future games. I also work on some video and graphics in my spare time.
  10. ausert said:
    Well I'm probably going to stick with the card definitely for more than two or three years. I'm currently playing BF3, and I'm getting around 60-80 FPS on 1024p meds-highs, so I really just wanted to kick it up a knotch and prepare for some future games. I also work on some video and graphics in my spare time.

    then a 7870 would be your best choice :)
  11. My two cents. I like the lifetime warranty, cause when I get done with a card, it goes to my parents, I had a pair of 128Mb 6600s from XFX that I sent back last year cause neither worked, had them in parents computer, got hit by lightning, put another card in, got hit again a year later, put both on the shelf for like 4 years, sent them in, POP two new 9600 1Gb cards. Granted, they didn't send me anything stellar, but they sure did send me better cards. I might not use a card for more than three years, but I make sure everything I trade in for new stuff gets repurposed and warranties make all the difference. The big thing is, I know that my stuff is gonna get ten years until it eventually gets old enough where it's not worth being an internet toy. (also had two computers stolen, but that's an entirely different story.) Just know, if you're going to replace it in three years and you're gonna put it on EBay, that's all the warranty you need. If you're planning on getting more out of it when you grow tired of it, that warranty can be a lifesaver. Also, avoid Visiontek, I had a 4870 of theirs go bad on me and they said it was my fault, even though I never overclocked anything on it. I can deal with them not honoring the lifetime warranty, but it took them three months with my video card to decide that it was my fault, and you pay up front for them to ship it back to you, fixed or not. XFX paid shipping to me, I had to pay to ship to them, but they bundled it for me, so both old cards went in the same box. (Great for SLI/XFire solutions) I agree with the above, You can't go wrong with Asus/MSI/Sapphire, I personally like XFX and MSI for my stuff, Depending on repurposes.
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  13. Thanks, for the help guys! I think that I'm going to settle on the Sapphire 7870 since it's the cheaper of the bunch, and because it has a nice cooling system.
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