Will a 550 ti and 570 fit in this mobo?

I'm building 2 computers with no intention of OC or going SLI, so I decided to get a mATX ASUS board.

I was wondering if I would have any issues fitting in cards like the 550 ti (currently doing fine on a Biostar G31M+) and a GTX 570.

The case I'll use is the NZXT M59 with a TR2 600W Thermaltake PSU (I've been using this PSU just fine with the 550 ti for almost a year, but I wonder if it will be enough to power the likes of the gtx 570).


I'm mostly worried about the blue heatsink (???) next to the pciex16 blocking a dual-slot card.
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  1. I believe the OP is asking if a single dual-slot card such as the 550-Ti or the 570 would fit on this specific motherboard.

    I don't have this particular mobo, but from reading reviews on newegg, a few users mention using dual-slot cards (off hand I remember the gts 250 being mentioned).

    I highly doubt the heatsink on the h61 chipset will cause any clearance issues.
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