Diablo 3 Custom PC Upgrade help

I bought this old system specifically to play diablo 3 but it does not run smoothly and lags a bit when theres alot of action.

Amd Athlon II x2 245 2.9GHz CPU(No L3 Cache)
Msi 785gm E51 Motherboard(Supports up to Phenom II Series CPU)
6GB DDR 3 Ram
HD Radeon 5770 Graphics Card
200GB IDE Hard Drive 7200rpm

I bought this system for $100. I just don't know what to upgrade to make the game run smoother as I do meet all the recommended system requirements. I just don't want to spend more than an extra $150 to upgrade this PC. All help and tips appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. buddy upgrade your gpu toRadeon HD 7770.which is better than your gpu around $130
  2. tough to say exactly what is gonna give you a boost in play, what settings are you playing on and having lag? is the graphics glitching or tearing? probably need to upgrade the processor. problem i see is everything is on the low end. the HD 5770 isnt terrible. Give you an idea, i run an I5-2400 Sandy bridge, with the 6870 and 8gb ram with SSD in windows 7 on max graphics for diablo3 and its purty.

    your CPU compared to others..

    your GPU

    So id say given what you ahve said right now id look into a new processor or GPU but now you may need a new MB, which might need new ram, and maybe a new power supply, gotta love it! haha i upgraded from my ancient machine and instead of upgrading part for part i tosed the whole thing and kept the case went all new stuff for about 800 bucks on the guts. Good luck mate
  3. I'm running everthing on high settings at 1680 x 1050 resolution. Graphics seem to be freezing rather than glitching. Dual/Quad Core Phenom IIs only run 60-$90 on Ebay. And I've read that my motherboard has a feature to unlock cores for dual core phenoms as well. The other option is to get an HD Radeon 6850 graphics card. And I was also told upgrading to a sata hard drive would help too.
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    yes Sata would be a good jump in data transfer, but before you go buying a new video card i would try lowering graphics to see if that helps it sounds more and more like ram/processor. Like if you look at the GPU link i posted it shows your card vs my 6870 shows your card as not terribaly far behind as mine according to that bench mark. but your processor is crazy low on the totem pole. my card is about 6,500ish and your processor shows in at 1800ish.
  5. Runs alot smoother with medium settings at 1600 x 900 resolution but you can tell it struggles at times. Would it help to run windows 32 bit instead of 64? I'm leaning towards buying a Phenom II x4 965BE(Quad Core) for $100, thats probably the best value and my motherboard supports it. If I'm not satisfied still, I guess I can build around that.
  6. Check out the link for "Diablo III Performance, Benchmarked",3195.html

    For you case, I think your PC is OK to play this game, do you check the internet connection speed?

    If you want to upgrade 1) CPU, 2) SSD, 3) GPU, IMO.
  7. ya I would say get a new CPU maybe ram or SSD and u should play medium flawlessly if not some on high. Your GPU will be fine for now, consider the SSD cause IDE can cause bottlenecking compared to SSD. the Phenom would be a major step up from your current. plus you will see overall preformace inprovement from your comp.
  8. Wonder if it's getting hot. What kind of case is it and how many fans are in it? I'd upgrade that CPU also, if I were you.
  9. I'm running it with 5 fans now and a new cpu heatsink/fan and a new sata II Hard Drive. Also upgraded to comcast high speed internet. Runs perfect now. Not bad for a used budget PC under $200. Gonna bond with this game now. Thanks for all the help guys.
  10. anytime mate, glad it works for ya and hope you enjoy D3
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