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Help?! Windows Performance Graphics

Hello there i recently did the windows assesment and for some reason i got a subscore of 1.0 on my windows aero graphics? any help understanding this

Windows 7 64bit home premium
Amd phenom 9650 quad-core processor 2.30ghz
6.00 gb ddr2 6400u ram dual channel
Sapphire radeon 6870 1gb
2x250gb hdd's in raid 0

Scores for pc are
Processor 7.0
Memory 7.2
Graphics 1.0(<--- why??)
Gaming 7.8
Hard-drive 5.9

i've also come to believe that the windows scores are now completely useless as my graphics should not be a 1.0
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  1. They are not usually popular my 8800gt gets a 6.9 so....I don't know are the drivers all installed?
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    That's odd that your Graphics would score 1.0 and Gaming would score a 7.8...usually they're both the same.

    However, if your computer is doing fine, I wouldn't really worry about it :lol: WEI is known to be a bit on the odd side sometimes.
  3. i did upate from catalyst 12.3 to the newest 12.6 and i haven't changed anything in my computer. the only thing i changed was from 8gb ddr2 to 6gb ddr2 but i don't think it'd affect graphics. maybe the newer catalyst affected it?
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