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I am about to embark on my first build (see below). My problem is this: with the CM Storm Enforcer I would like to do three things.

1) Mount my OCZ Fatal1ty 750w PSU upside down (Yea, for the look :P)

2) Maintain a positive case pressure (I hate dust inside)

3) NOT sacrifice too much cooling efficiency.

--See CMSE stock cooling (air flow) here> Storm Enforcer

It appears the PSU mounted this way will create negative pressure, and mounting a top fan as an intake would obstruct case flow and go against common sense (up and out dummy!).

I have for the most part given in and decided that I'll be mounting the PSU as intended. I'll also be forgoing a top fan in order to keep positive pressure. Although, in a perfect world I would be able to maintain positive pressure, add more flow, and of course more internal lighting! What can I say, I like bling.

Having said all that, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. After all, this is my first build and I could be overlooking the obvious.

i7 3770
AsRock Z77 Extreme4
8GB (4GBx2) G.SKILL Ripjaws (1600)
XFX HD Radeon 7770 DD Black
OCZ Fatal1ty 750w PSU (I know, I don't need it but I plan on Crossfire and a host of other future upgrades)
OCZ 128GB Vertex 4 SSD (for OS and important apps)
WD 1TB Caviar Black (storage)
DVD/RW x24 (2)
Cooler Master Storm Enforcer
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  1. Add a 120mm fan on the side panel, that should help a bit. Make sure its red LED for maximum awesome.

    If you want to ensure positive air pressure, get a fan controller. That way you can lower the exhausts while having the intakes at full blast. The NZXT Sentry Mix is what I use, though its out of stock and overkill since the case can only support 4 fans. Get the Sentry Mesh instead.

    Some comments on the build components.

    Why an i7 if its just a gaming rig? An i5-3570k will save you a hundred bucks at no loss to performance.
    Why an overclocking board (great one as well) if the CPU cant overclock?
    RAM is good.
    Use the $100 from the CPU to get the HD7850.
    OCZ isnt the greatest of PSU manufacturers. Get something from Seasonic, Corsair or XFX,
    OCZ do however make good SSD's.
    Seagate Barracuda's are cheaper and perform a bit better.
    Why two opticals?

    If you follow my advice and get a 3570k, then you are good to go for overclocking. Throw in a 212 EVO and you can get a fairly decent overclock from the CPU. The HD7850 overclocks quite well also.
  2. Thanks for the advice!

    Although Ill be gaming, it's not really a gaming rig. I went with the 3770 for multiple reasons. I'm a bit intimidated by OC. It introduces a few more concerns that I'd rather just not deal with at the moment (heat/cooling/$ , user-induced damage, life expectancy of components, and this guy would have to cram a bit more knowledge in his tiny little head). Safe (from me) longevity about sums it up. Besides, I'll be producing video and some other work-related tasks.

    As far as the mobo, I chose it mostly because it provides all the outputs I need and will allow me to Crossfire in the future if I ever want to. I'm sure I could have gotten by with less, but the reviews were great and it gets the testosterone flowing...

    I chose the 7770 because WoW is the only game I play, when I play. My current PC has an NVIDIA 550 Ti. It is more than enough and this GPU outperforms it slighltly so I figure I'm good.

    I chose the OCZ PSU primarily on a review I read, but since then I have discovered PSU reviews are shaky at best. Other factors were: It allows me to upgrade/expand in the future without changing power supplies, looks cool :/ All my parts arrive Thursday and I'm mulling over whether I want to delay the build and return the PSU.

    I chose the OCZ SSD based on benchmarks and price. I think I practically stole it for the price.

    I got the WD Caviar Black from a friend that didn't end up needing/using it...cha-ching! (free is good)

    The opticals are recycled from a previous PC.
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    Overclocking modern processors is actually quite easy, and if you don't mess with the voltage you wont be able to damage the processor (you can increase voltage without damage, but you should research and all that first). You might as well get the "k" version (means an unlocked multiplier) so you can if you decide to later. Though definetly research if you do overclock, the BIOS can be an intimidating place for those who aren't tech-savvy.

    Ahh, Video editing is what the machine is for, now the i7 makes sense. Its good when asking for advice to tell the usage of the machine, that way we know whats justified, overkill, insufficient, etc.

    The AsRock Z77 Extreme4 is a great board, I have it in my personal rig. I was just pointing out that the board supports overclocking while the CPU doesn't. You could get a H77 board for less.

    The HD7770 should have plenty of grunt for WoW. Again, usage of the machine.

    Its not that OCZ PSU's are bad per se, just that there are better on the market.

    The Vertex 4 is my SSD of choice, you made the right choice (IMO).

    Free hardware is best hardware :lol:
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