3.5 HDD, SSD, and BD Combo on one Power Cable?

In order to have a cleaner case and also to have more space for my GPU, I plan on having my HDD, SSD, and BD combo mounted inside the 5.25 bays. Because they're so close together, can I use a single power cable? Is it okay that I'd be mixing HDDs, SSDs, and an optical drive on the same power cable?

This might seem like a really simple question, but I'm just not sure and don't want to fry my drives or the PSU.
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  1. Yes they will be fine on one cable at not even a 25w load.
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    ^ Concur But the Power is also split between 2 different rails.
    The HDD and BD use both the +5 V Rail and the + 12 V Rail while the SSD will only draw power from the 5 V rail.
    Best guess is <15 Watts on +12V rail and < 10 Watts on 5 Volt rail
    Typical avail power is about 240 watts, But they may be on the same rail as GPU - still NO problem. Some PSUs that have 3 +12V rails the GPU will have it's own rail.
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