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Computer doesnt boot 50% of time.

Not sure if this is the right category but here goes.

Basically, every time I shutdown my computer, everything goes smoothly, and it doesnt matter how long I wait, 3 seconds - 2 days. The next time I turn it on, it runs for about 5 seconds, then shuts down, the weird thing is, it only happens once. 2nd try it turns on just fine, and runs smoothly.

Im worried there may be something wrong with my PSU, or mobo. Im not much of an expert, so I dont know what went wrong to cause this inconsistent shutting off spree.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. What kind of computer is it ?
  2. A Windows 7 Home premium PC

    Built by
    (probably should have mentioned that... hehe)
  3. Now it doesnt turn on 100% of the time, it runs for 5 seconds with CPU_LED lit up, and shuts off.

    The only way I can get it to turn on is if I use the jumper for my bios, and I really dont want to do that every time I turn my computer on.
  4. Ive successfully reset cmos, so now it turns on only when I do that.

    If I try to turn it on with the switch it does the run for 5 seconds shut down deal.
    It only gets past booting when I reset CMOS and recover bios settings.

    This is sort of bothersome, and Id like to be able to just turn my computer on without it crashing.
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    Sounds like a motherboard issue, is it under warranty ?
  6. OK, Ive fixed the issue, and really getting mad at myself for this but.

    About a week ago I had my CPU overheating(which Im still fixing, actually in another thread, haha) so I sent it to some (idiot) guys, who honestly in my opinion had no Idea what they were doing.

    Long story short I assumed it was overheating from thermal paste so I replaced, and it shut down again so I thought it didnt help(turns out you have to let paste burn on or something) so I sent it to these guys who claimed to be "expert" repairmen. I told them about my overheating predicament and they told me a day later they had been running my PC for a day and it hadnt overheated yet. The NEXT day without my permission they seemed to be hell bent on overheating it, so they OVERCLOCKED it to its max, and still it wouldnt overheat.

    Whats funny is that they gave it back to me overclocked, and I had no idea. I fixed that about 3 days ago and now my cpu is a lot cooler.

    Anyways, back to the issue at hand. This only started happening after I recieved it back from them, so I thought maybe the mobo got bumped in the car ride home or something. Wrong, they unplugged the waterbox on my watercooler to see if THEN it would overheat, and then plugged the pin cable back into the wrong power.

    Apparently it needs to be hooked up to the one labeled CPU_FAN, or else the computer thinks it doesnt have any cooling for the cpu and shuts down. (Thats my theory, probably wrong)

    TL;DR: The waterbox power was hooked into the wrong slot, it needed to be under the one labeled CPU_FAN.

    Thanks for pointing out it was actually the mobo and not the cpu itself CMI86, like I said, Im no computer expert.
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  8. Wow man I would go back into that shop and raise ever living hell. They very well could have fried your board or your CPU with that BS. I would go in there kicking and screaming and see if you could get some free stuff parts out of the deal lol. All the same nice job figuring it out man !
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