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Hello,i have display problems with alienware m17x r1 laptop it has 2 nvidia geforce 9800 grapgics cards,it wouldnt display on the screen but would display on external monitor with hdmi cable but the graphics was very distorted.i got one of the graphics cards reflowed it work fine on the laptop screen then i turned it on the next day an wont boot to graphics again,now it boots to the external monitor perfectly????
the back light comes the laptop screen when i press fn+f5 to send the display externally the backlight goes off an the monitor comes on???
can any please help me please thx in advance.
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  1. If you're comfortable doing repair work you should take out the graphics cards and thoroughly clean the contact points before reseating them and firmly screwing them back in. Laptops use OEM specific signal backplanes which are often pressure fit. I had to reseat the 6970m on my R3 to fix some screen issues.
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