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GTX 560

Hi guys,
Im not great with hardware names and types, but im doing some upgrades and have decided upon a GTX560 card for a gigabyte mobo. I am trying to price one (im in Aus) and all the local places are looking about ~$220 ( I have found another local place ( for $173. Is this just a more reasonable price or are they different variants of the card?
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  1. There is GTX560Ti, GTX560 and GTX560SE from best to least. I see on that site they have a GTX560 which is the middle card for 159/173/179.
  2. Ah i see, just saw the centercom site i linked has both the 560 and 560ti, about $45 difference, is there much comparison in performance?
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    You see them here
    I left out that they have as well GTX560Ti 448core which is almost GTX570.
  4. Looks like price difference is relative to performance difference, thanks for the quick answer, i appreciate it
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