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Windows 7 Password Unknown

So I got windows 7 and after spending a day setting everything up I closed my computer down, thing is I now realized that my keyboard was set to french (AZERTY) and not french canadian (QWERTY) and since my password contained numbers the whole thing is a mess... is there anyway to change the password without formatting the whole thing?

Edit: The keyboard was set to french when I first set the password then switched to canadian french I then removed the french keyboard layout from the list (if I can get it back it would probly solve the problem)

This problem has now been solved by a third party, thanks to anyone who was finding out how to help
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    It's just good manners to go ahead and post the solution in case anyone else with the same problems wanders by.
  2. Ah yes, sorry, anyway I was at the login screen for my account and was only presented with canadian french for language. after posting here I decided to wait around and pressed the switch user button, there being no other users the screen changed very little other than the fact that I could now shut down my computer (power button was set to sleep) I then accidentally pressed the language button and noticed to my great delite that while the french keyboard layout was removed from my account it was not removed from the user selection screen. I then of course switched back to french entered my password as usual, changed it to it's canadaian french counterpart and yelled hourrah!

    :sarcastic: Sometimes I scare myself by my own brilliance :sarcastic:
  3. I'm scared by your brilliance too :D

    Jokes aside, thanks for the follow up, I'm sure it will help other who happen upon this thread with the same issue.
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