19" LCD Decision plz

Well i've finally had enough of this crap of LCD's not having a less resonse time than 25ms on a 19". I dont really play that many games anyway. I finally found a 700:1 19" monitor that i really liked (i'm fussy about specs and the look of the LCD). Its the new Planar


which has received a few good customer comments so far. However, i've just found out Planar are only available in US, but this got me pissed.

However, i found this. What are BenQ like for LCD's. Any reviews of this so far? What do you think? Should I go for it?


Any other 700:1 19" LCD's out there yet? If so which? I know of the Sharp but the look of the LCD has put me off, just dont look as cool as the Planar or BenQ.
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  1. Hey,

    I'm trying to patient as well for a 19 or 20 inch LCD with a response time <20 ms. Looks like it might be a while.

    To answer your question, try taking a look at:

    1) NEC 1980SX (700:1)

    Viewsonic also has several models that are 600:1. They are:
    1) VG191
    2) VP191
    3) VG900
    4) VX900.

    I'm also partial to the new Planar PX191. Seems like a great monitor. I think I'm going to push it up one more inch and get the PL201, though. I think I'll like the bigger real estate and the 1600x1200 resolution over the 1280x1024.

    Hope that helps some :)
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