Need update for Creative burner. Model RW8438e

Nothing sees it as a CD burner which is really annoying. I downloaded a firmware update but aparently the update is only for the RW8432E version of the drive not the RW8438E. I know its a subtle difference but there is one, no where on the creative web site could I find a fix for the problem so now I search these forums. If anyone knows where to find an update for this drive I'd really appreciate the info.

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  1. Do you mean that Windows cannot detect the drive, or that your burning software cannot "see" the drive as a CD-RW?

    I went all over the Creative site, too ... and found no listing for that drive. You may need to call Creative and talk to technical support.

    Don't install that firmware update until you talk to someone familiar with the drive. A bad flash ... and you'll have a dead drive.

    However, you could install the drivers for the 8432, and see if that helps ... after backing up your system. If Windows can't detect the drive, this might be as close as you are going to get!

    I'd send you a link, but you weren't very forthcoming about your system specifications, such as your operating system version. Sorry ... no ESP.


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  2. I'm running windows 98se, and my friend was running 98se and win2kpro with the drive (its now in my machine for trouble shooting)
    The drive is seen by windows, and works as a regular CD rom but most burn programs won't use it as a burner, so far Disk juggler, CDRWIN, Adaptec easy CD creator all do not work with it. Only Nero works with the drive, but nero does not burn all formats, and does not have all the features to work 100%.

    The strange thing is that there are 4-5 models of the 8432 drive. The main model that actually has a firmware update is the 8432e, and strangely mine is the 8438e. When I got the drive for around $80 I thought it was cheap because it was only 8x speed, turns out its cheap because its a cheap CD burner. Even with the creative labs brand its a bad product. I'm going to call creative and see if there is an update not on the site, or if I need to get a different drive from them.
  3. Thoughts:

    Only one burning program per OS. They can conflict with each other. Easy CD Creator and Nero do not co-exist happily on the same partition, and this could cause errors with the optical drive.

    Have you considered updating the ASPI drivers?

    ASPI Check Disk Utility

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    For Win2k:

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    Finally ... maybe it's time to RMA the funky drive and check out a nice Plexwriter! Whatcha think?


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  4. I've had it for awhile but I'll contact and creative labs and see about a return/exchange
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