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In my small business office, we currently have two separate DSL lines with two separate modem/router devices (let's call them modem 1 for network 1 and modem two for network 2). These are within a few feet from one another. So, to share our server and printers, I setup Network 1 on a gateway of with DHCP enabled and Network two on a gateway of with DHCP disabled and I setup static IPs for the computers associated with Network 2. I then used a crossover cable to connect modem 1 to modem 2. Computers from each network are getting internet from the proper channels, and everyone can share the printers/server with no problem.

Network 1 will have some DSL down time today due to a number transfer so, I plan on setting a few of the computers (for those who need constant DSL access) on Network 1 to a gateway of with static IP addresses. These computers will still physically be connected to router on Network 1 which again, has a gateway of Now for my question...I had heard that it's bad to grab internet from one modem through another, which is what I am planning to do (use modem 1 to get internet from network 2). So, is it ok to do this? I can't find anywhere else that mentions this. Any help will be greatly appreciated! thanks.
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  1. Is there no way to just put a switch on network 2 and move the cables for the machines from network 1 to the switch? That seems like it would be the easiest solution.

    Just swap the PCs to have the default gateway of network 2 and you should be ok I think.
  2. No, there is no easy way to do this because network 1 and 2 are in two separate rooms and it'd be too much to try and move wires. I did swap the default gateway to network 2's and IP addresses of the PCs on network 1. It is working perfectly fine at the moment, but the problem is that someone had mentioned this being bad for the router (router 1 pulling internet from router 2 since router 1 is a modem with it's own default gateway), so I wanted to double check if that is true or not.
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    I don't think it will damage the router in any way.
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