Piece fell out of new PSU

I just bought a Seasonic x560 PSU. I took it out of the packaging when I heard something rattling. I flipped the PSU over to get the piece to fall out. Here’s what came out (see picture below).

It looks like a squashed fan bearing, but maybe I’m wrong. Is it worth sending back to get a replacement? I haven’t connected it to my other computer components, just in case it damaged anything else inside the power supply. I don’t have a power supply tester and I’m not sure where I’ll find one in my area. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. That's not a fan bearing, they're not that big.

    That looks like an excess blob of solder from the manufacturing process that broke loose when jostled during shipping.
  2. without opening the power supply check to see if you see any damage on the ps logic boards or any broken parts. the issues is not that there was a solider ball that fell out but is there any other damage to the ps that you cant see. myself i would contact the seller and set up an rma for a new unit. not worth the chance that 3 or 4 months from now the ps shorts out and take your gaming rig with it. the seller is going to send the unit back for credit..the vendor going to open the ps and test it..if it passes and is fine they turn the unit into a rma replacement. and send the unit out to someone.
  3. Completely agree with smorizio. Send it back - it's probably fine but it does have a very small percentage of being dangerous as we don't know what it is, though I like ko888 think it may just be solder.
  4. excess blob of solder.
  5. Thanks for the help!
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