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Alright so got the SSD installed with the OS and my game, shut it down to add my 1TB HDD but when I pull up 'Computer' it does not show my HDD. It only shows my SSD

After that is figured out how would I go about to make the configuration so my HDD is primary and SSD is boot. I saw a couple other posts but still dont quite get it, one of the forums I read no one was even able to verify if it was correct or not so hopefully someone has a way of showing me how to do this. (Why isnt there a sticky for something like this already?)
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  1. You have to go to control panel>administrative tool>computer management>disk management> click the 1TB HD and then format, (before you format the HD saving the file to other one if you have some files on it), after format the HD, it will show up.
  2. Alright went there, it shows in the top part of the menu 3 drives
    C (SSD), D (DVD), and then system reserved which is part of the SSD

    Beneath that is Disk 0 (SSD) broken into 2 parts one being the system reserved and the other my OS and game on it.

    Disk 1 the HDD saying its "unallocated"

    Then CD/DVD ROM

    I dont see an option to format the Disk 1
  3. I can format the SSD and the DVD ROM but not the HDD when I right click on it
  4. You'll need to create a partition on the HDD, format it, and then assign it a drive letter.

    You are in the right place to do all those steps.
  5. You need click the Disk 1 ( HDD ) but not the SSD.

    Check the link how to format HDD
  6. Awesome got it, now how do I make all other downloads and saved data go to my HDD instead of the SSD
  7. The simplest method is to go into the properties of each of your user libraries (my documents, my videos, etc) and change the library location to another drive.

    There are a few other methods as well to move your Users and ProgramData folders, but there are some minor glitches that result from this (after 1.5 years with this setup I think my only one is that I can't get my MS user experience score, it's pretty seamless but not perfect).

    The best method has to be done when you install windows:

    They can also be moved after installation with this method (though be aware I don't think this works quite right, I believe the robocopy needs to be done as "robocopy /mir /xj" without the copyall):
    I would use this one at your own risk, I've used it, but it's also cause me quite alot of headaches in setting it up. (Once it's done it works great, but be careful not to lose any data).

    There are also some registry hacks you can do, but I've never used them, so I can't make any recommendations.
  8. Okay just did this to a couple of the folders with the location change in the properties menu and it changed the name of the folders so I cant tell which one is my download folder and which one is which from the other folders what the heck>
  9. When you do this you only need to the drive location, like change C:\file name\XXX to E:\file name\XXX. (C = SSD driver, and E= your 1TB HD).

    You can restore the location too if you don't want. You go back the fold properties> location> click the "restore default" button.
  10. Well looks like I have to choose my HDD every time I download something, that means my HDD is going to be very unorganized >.<. I'm looking at it now and crap is just all over >.<. I cant restore location because I changed the location of a couple other folders and it wont let me revert it. God who knew it would be so annoying to use an SSD
  11. Alright I want to do a complete clean install to get my HDD more organized cause I'm looking at it now and crap is just all over the place on the drive there is no organization to it all its just dumping every single thing on it without putting it into proper folders

    I cant format a SSD correct? I remember reading something that said it might mess it up, anyone know anything about it?

    Edited: nvm, said not to do a disk defragment on it, awesome. But still need to find a way to after I put my OS and game and addons on the SSD to have everything else save to HDD
  12. Just did a clean install of of my system when I pulled up 'Computer' its saying that my SSD is almost completely full (its a 64GB, OS only takes around 20GB and I havent installed anything else yet). Anyone know whats going on?
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    You need to do the SSD Tweaks / Optimization. Check the link from this site "Useful SSD articles Part 2"

    This is not a easy way to deal with SSD, it is always show up something wrong. Right? But you have to learn something new everyday like in you real life.
  14. Alright glad i went back through and read the tuts again I made the mistake of not creating a new Documents, Music, Desktop, etc.. folder on my HDD which made it so that when I changed the location it got screwed up
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