Need advice on first build

This is my first time building a computer and would like your advice on it! Thanks

Case: Coolermaster Haf-rc912A
Motherboard: Asrock Z77 extreme 4
CPU: i5-3770K
GPU: Asus Geforce GTX 560
Cpu heatsink: Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo
SDD: Kingston 60 GB
HD: WD 3.5" Caviar black 500 gb
Memory: G Skill Ripjaws 8gb kit 1600
PSU: Antex HCG620

I dont know if I'm picking the right CPU also Im not certain on how much PSU I will need! Thanks guys

That sums up to just below 1000$ AUD and I would like to keep it under that amount.
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  1. You want a better GPU. Probably a 7850 or something.
  2. The processor is great. Though it's 3570k :)

    The PSU is enough for a single GPU setup but you should really get another one(another video card i mean).
  3. Is it a really bad GPU? If so which GPU would u suggest
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  5. You get a CPU that can play any game but the GPU will fall behind on most new releases.

    You could go for the 7850 or a GTX 660. I'd prefer the nVidia but that's because I'm a fanboy not because of extensive knowledge on this.

    Did you take a look at?,3276.html
  6. The 7850 is a solid card. MAY put you over budget though.
  7. Ya my budget is kind of tight at the mean time, so I might stay with the gtx 560 for now and then later on upgrade it to the 7850!
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    Stay with the 560 til the new 8xxx cards which AMD is to release. By then, nVidia might drop the prices on their 6xx cards and you want to get those.
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  10. Goodluck! :D
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