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Putting together a new gaming build and am having trouble choosing a case :) - I really like the colossus (perhaps with the side window) but am worried about the lack of side-fan, particularly since I'm considering running two of these in SLI atm:

Is this likely to cause overheating problems? Any suggestions on other unique style cases which are perhaps more cooling friendly? (Or even some other cooling suggestions?)

Thanks for the help :)

PS - if going for a windowed case, I'm probably going to need lighting, as someone who hasn't built a PC before, and suggestion on type's of lights (And where to source them?)
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  1. That case includes a 230 mm intake fan, but is restricted because of the hard drive cage. And those ASUS GTX 670 are quite hot, in load the temperatures are about 70 75°C.
    It should work with the colossus but install one fan in the side panel and another in the bottom of the case, it'll help somehow to cool the GPU's.

    Another case could be the Storm Trooper/Stryker HAF XM, HAF 932 Advanced or the Corsair 600T to mention some.

    If you want some LED's you can get these:
    Bitfenix Alchemy:
    NZXT Sleeved LED's:

    You can buy them in different colors like red, white and green.
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