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Can anyone post a build for around 200$ i prefer micro center or newegg. It does not need a monitor, keyboard, and do not include the case in the price but still add one. Thank you so much
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  1. thats pretty hard to do. the os alone costs 100 dollars. not to mention the CPU being 50 dollars at the bare minimum. you arre probably off with a pre built pc build
  2. So you need operating system, cpu, motherboard, ram, hdd, dvd drive and power supply for $200? Good luck.

    What are you planning to use the computer for? If it's playing games you'll need a video card too. A bare minimum video card for gaming will be at least $100.

    You'll need at LEAST $500.
  3. Not much to work with best I could find is

    For the money not much else I could find for you. $208.00 after rebate
  4. Well, technically, Microcenter sells refurb Pentium 4's for $10, and if you can find a cheap case and mobo....

    But a build with a Pentium 4 in 2012 is so behind.
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